Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Whew! What a big change!

It is really hard to believe this but Dave and I have now been living in Tunisia, North Africa for a month. We arrived on the 7 Aug and actually haven’t looked back since that day. If you are not too sure where we are, Tunisia is on the north African coast wedged between Algeria and Libya.
What I am amazed about is how quickly we have assimilated into this lifestyle. When we arrived it was extremely hot, almost furnace-like, however this week it has definitely cooled which is more to my liking.
Our welcome here by the school personnel was quite remarkable; we were met at the airport, taken shopping and handed some start up currency. It really did seem that nothing was too much trouble. They were and are all great.
Our new house is lovely with plenty of space. It will be great when our own furniture arrives but this might not happen until Nov/Dec.
One of the other new teachers, a young girl called Tiffin lives across the road and guess what she likes  to run… we have been running together at 5.15 a..m
This big change feels good at the moment. It will be interesting to see whether this feeling lasts. I have lots to do at the school, so will need to get my best change management hat on….. not rushing at the moment, just working on those relationships.

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