Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An external evaluation!

We are expecting an ERO review this term! While many of us have been through this process numerous times now, it still somehow has the effect of creating a “oh my!” feeling of insecurity and nervousness in the pit of my stomach! Why is this? My reaction has caused me to reflect on how people in general react to any form of evaluation.
There are those who confidently move through an evaluative process without hesitating, with a “take me as you find me” approach and then there are those for whom any form of evaluative comment, no matter how small, rattles their world. On our staff, we have both ends of this continuum and many who are in between.
For me, the control freak aspect of my personality certainly shines out in this context, so in order to maintain control, I tend to over-prepare! Our last set of ERO reviewers wanted to take a photo of the sets of well-ordered and organized documents that we had laid out for them upon their arrival. Little did they know, it was really all about me feeling in control of the process.
Evaluation is good for us! Especially external evaluation! I know this, time to calm the nerves and get on with it!

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