Thursday, June 24, 2010

Success at last!

Isn’t it great when a few majors all come together and actually work!! At school recently some of our critical “change management” steps have been implemented successfully and it’s all worked well, even better than I would have predicted. Each of the events have been a long time coming with lots and lots of effort going into building up our capacity to enable this to happen. It is a delight to see it all come to fruition. All of our kids have led their very own student-led conference, sharing their learning with their parents without their teacher being present. To us this was a major line in the sand—after years of talking about moving the locus of control in our classrooms, this proved that it can actually happen. Secondly our mid year reports went out on-line this time, rather than in the traditional hard copy—another smallish step, which has very big ramifications. Thirdly our trial group of 6 classrooms are striding ahead with our new e-portfolios, another exciting venture.
In all of these cases, the greatest thing is the excitement that they have generated with the staff—they are their successes and the desire the loudest of accolades.


Belinda said...

Great to hear you are trialling e-Portfolios. We are into our third year with e-Portfolios in KnowledgeNET at Elm Park. We should swap notes sometime!

Fletchspeak said...

It would be great to have some feedback from your parents about this radical process. Would you be keen to share this as this is really what the Nat Stds are all about - informing the parents - not providing better learning for kids ? Your viewpoint Ms Tait ..