Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Graduation Experience

Participated in my own capping ceremony yesterday and what a great time we all had. It is interesting to reflect upon the experience, especially the question of whether all that pomp and ceremony is relevant in this day and age. It would be easy to say no, there is no connection in today’s fast-paced, digital world to the historic rituals of trencher donning in gowns and hoods. However after participating in such an event, I would have to say that for a brief period of time to engage oneself in this world of academia was indeed a thrill. There seemed to be something really heart-warming about following the traditions of those who have gone before, engaging in a context that has survived many a year. It caused me to reflect on the importance of the rituals we follow in our school—such events as assemblies, welcomes, farewells and traditions that have become embedded into the fabric of school life. They do have their place; they form a sense of timelessness and security for students and adults alike. This is a good reminder to reflect upon the next time a school practice is terminated just because we’ve being doing it for a while. Traditions and rituals are about belonging, not to be under-rated in importance.


Fiona Grant said...

Congratulations Lesley! I was thinking back to this time last year when I graduated too. I once heard a conference speaker refer to this as "ORC" (order, ritual and celebration) all of equal importance in life. Since then I have often seen this demonstrated in many contexts

Still have my "fast-paced, digital world" response to graduating posted online.

The day was indeed memorable especially as I was able to share it with family and friends.

Ngā mihi nui me te aroha nui

Fletchspeak said...

Well done Ms Tait - we are all proud of your achievement. Now you really have the credential to make a positive difference! No pressure like....
Seriously though you worked very hard to gain your first class honour and deserve all accolade.This is a purely unbiased comment. :)