Thursday, April 22, 2010

Developing resilient students

Back to blogging finally! As I have been experiencing the merry-go-round ride of trying to sell ones house, I have also been reflecting on the importance of resiliency as a valuable human competency. That ability to pick your-self up when the going is not so good and keep on task or stay focused no matter what appears to me to be in high demand and of extreme importance in today’s world. When I think about those around me who seem to be making a success of life, I am in awe of the sense of resilience that they seem to have as an embedded characteristic—how is it developed? And why do some people seem to have more of it than others?
At our school, we are intentionally going about ensuring that our students learn how to be competent citizens of the future world—we focus them on what we have called the qualities of lifelong learning—questioning, making connections, persevering, sets goals and plans, reflects and takes risks. But what about the ability to be resilienct—some of us are wondering whether it is missing. Is it something that can be taught?
At our high decile school, we often observe the phenomena of “helicopter parents” those that hover so closely over their children protecting them from all that could do harm. Are these the same children who never get to participate in the experience of having to be resilient. I am interested in a book written by New Zealand authors, Tania Roxborough and Kim Stephenson, Raising Resilient Children, however before that I need to practise what I preach and be resilient and sell my house!!!

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